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Customers can order through our portal or through UberEats. The Pros & Cons are listed below.

Order Direct from Adam & Joe's:


• Handled end to end by by Adam & Joe's trained staff.

• Adam & Joe's menu pricing.


• Adam & Joe's Rewards Earns FREE FOOD.


• Free Cookies for every Online Order!

• Online Order Tracker.


• Save your credit cards with an Adam & Joe's Account for super fast ordering.


• Receive text when 3 minutes away.


• Help is just a phone call away! 

Order from UberEats:


• 30% higher pricing.


• Can use Uber1.


• Can use UberEats login account and saved cards.




• NO Adam & Joe's Rewards.


• May be delivered by UberEats driver or Adam & Joe's driver.


• UberEats customer support.

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