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Joe Knows Lunch was established in 1992 by husband & wife team Joel & Heather. Starting their culinary roots in Southern California with a small Sandwich and Catering Company, Joel & Heather catered to many of your favorite TV shows & Movies of the 1980’s - the Incredible Hulk, Hillstreet Blues, Remington Steel, Charlie’s Angels, St. Elsewhere and many more!

Adam and Joes fort Lauderdale south fl hot boxed lunches
Adam and Joes fort Lauderdale south florida hot boxed lunches

Their small Sandwich & Catering Company was the second most out-dialed phone number at Universal Studios California, only being out-called by Universal’s New York Office! We were a favorite of the movie stars from the Incredible Shrinking Woman (with Lilly Tomlin), The Border (with Jack Nicholson), The Blues Brothers (with John Belushi & Dan Aykroyd) and ALL the Cheech & Chong Movies. John Belushi’s wife even edited one of our Lunch menus.

In 1991, Joe & Heather moved the family to the Ft Lauderdale area, and in 1992 Joe Knows Lunch was born, establishing one of the longest running independent restaurants in the Uptown Ft. Lauderdale Business district.

In 1997, their son, Adam opened a nearby restaurant, Adam's Subs & Salads.  Quickly growing into a local favorite, the name transformed into Adam's Eatery to expand the menu to offer more lunchtime favorites.

Adam and Joes fort Lauderdale south florida hot boxed lunches
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In 2017, with a long overdue retirement looming, Joel and Heather stepped down as  the company figure heads and Adam's Eatery and Joe Knows Lunch merged into one 

bigger, better, larger restaurant location and emerged as Adam & Joe Know Lunch. 

In today’s restaurant market place, the first thing people always ask is...

“Adam, what’s your specialty?  I tell them it’s consistently good food.”


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Husband to Heather, Father of Adam and Jessica.

Originally from the 'burbs of Detroit, Joel, renamed "Joe" by Adam in 1992 as a marketing campaign to capitalize on the name, "Joe Knows Lunch", he currently travels the world looking for new and exciting foods to excite your pallet.  

When in town, he loves to make soup and cook Turkey Dinners by the 1000's during Thanksgiving... as well as lovingly drive Adam, Jessica and Jenn nuts.

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Wife of Adam, Sister in Law to Jessica. Miami born, Jenn attended The University of Florida and Graduated from Florida Atlantic University.  Jenn loves answering your Catering questions, and can put together a special quote in a flash. Overseeing hundreds and hundred of meals per day, you can usually find her looking head first into the Kitchen to personally make sure your order is correct.  

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Part of the team since 2010, Juan was born in Mexico and moved to Florida with his family at the age of two. With many years of Office Management experience, Juan understands what you need.  

Obnoxiously friendly, Juan hustles to make sure your Caterings are routed and delivered on time.   With two children at home, Juan is a family man thru and thru.


Son of Joe and Heather, Brother to Jessica, Husband to Jenn. Born in Toronto and educated in Florida, Adam went to The University of South Florida, but received the important education from "Joe Knows Lunch U" when he started washing dishes and waiting on tables before he was ten. Working in the family biz has always been part of life.  Now residing in Boca area, Adam has 3 kids to keep him on his toes.  Managing a daily staff of 30+, Adam is responsible for the Day to Day operations as well as Team Leader.

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Daughter of Joe and Heather, Sister to Adam, Sister in Law to Jennifer. A California Girl from birth, Jessica graduated Magna Cum Laude from The Honors College at The University of South Florida!  "GO BULLS!"  Jessica then received her Masters Degree from Cambridge University in Cambridge, England before entering into the Family Business in 2007.  Residing in the Boca area, she and her Husband have two children.  As "Catering Traffic Controller", Jessica magically orchestrates all your catering desires into reality. 

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Wife to Joe, Mother to Adam and Jessica.  Out of Toronto, Canada, Heather grew up to a large family of five kids and cold winters.  She loves to explore the baking sciences and breathes fire into whatever she whips up.


Need cookies for 1000's, or Carrot Soufle for 500, "No Problem"! 

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Adam and Joes fort Lauderdale south fl hot boxed lunches

Catering is our specialty and we pride ourselves on our friendly service & delicious fresh food.

Thank you for letting us feed you. We are only a phone call or click away!

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