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Demotix: Adam & Joe Know Lunch - A Must See Websites of 2021

Adam & Joe's website was listed amount the top 4 websites of 2021 by Domotix®.

Since 1992, the founders of Adam & Joe Know Lunch have been bringing us a large selection of some of the best gourmet meals. Husband & wife team Joel and Heather started the business as a small sandwich and catering company, which eventually grew into one of the longest running independent restaurants in the Uptown Fort Lauderdale, Florida business district. In 2017, the couple retired and their kids (brother & sister team Adam & Jessica) took over the operation, and continue to bring us foods, customer service, and a family vibe that has spoiled the community for almost 30 years.

The Website: If you’re not already hungry, you will be after visiting this website. The home page is filled with a collection of professional food photography, displaying an assortment of meals from their immense menu selection. Trays filled with wraps, sandwiches, cookies and other sweets, pans full of steak and chicken, meatloaf with mashed potatoes and gravy in a to-go container, a table of side dishes, and images of everything else you’d want to eat surrounds the company logo, and an image of father and son, Adam and Joe. The Who We Are section has a unique, high-end magazine appearance, as it shares the company’s timeline, and introduces us to the family and staff. Meals can easily be ordered directly from the site, and there’s also a savable PDF version of the menu. The site is classy, artsy, loads fast, and makes you want to order a little bit of everything.


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