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Joe Knows Lunch Presents.....6 Essential Holiday Event Planning Tips

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The holidays are fast approaching and what better way to show your employees your appreciation than to treat them to a delicious meal! The end of the year can be a strenuous time for any company! It's the 4th quarter, and everyone is trying to squeeze in every last bit before the end of the year. Don't let your company Holiday Party be a source of stress! Follow these 6 simple strategies below to help keep your budget in check and see how you can be a guest at your own event!

1. Get to Planning!

Decide the type of event you want to have. Will it bea pot-luck luncheon, Catered Breakfast or Lunch, best Holiday Ball? If you need ideas, feel free to call Joe Knows Lunch or send us an email to

2. Set your Date

Did you know that you can save money simply by choosing the right date? Friday & Saturday nights are premium days of the week for events. But choosing an early December date or deciding to go with a luncheon or breakfast mid-week may save your budget! It's already September. Many companies have already set their dates and booked their caterers & venues. Don't miss out on the caterer that you love to use all year long. Make sure that you get on their calendar early.

3. Host your Event at a Park or Community Center

Did you know that most cities & counties have fantastic venues available for rent? These rooms are SIGNIFICANTLY less expensive than Hotel or Banquet halls and usually come with tables and chairs included in your rental. Joe Knows Lunch is an approved vendor with Broward County Park and can assist with finding the right park venue!

4. Think Outside the Box

Hosting a Holiday Breakfast could save you big budget bucks & create a fun and whimsical atmosphere for your event. Just think Eggs, Bacon, Pancakes, SYRUP and all of those delicious PASTRIES!!!!! You can go with something simple, or you can hire a chef and set-up an omelet station. Going all out for breakfast will make you look like a ROCKSTAR, without busting your end of year budget.

5. Keep it Simple

Fancy does not always mean fantastic. Sometimes less is more and it is important to figure out what part of your event is the most important and to focus your budget there first.


Above all, holiday parties should be FUN! It is a time to relax and enjoy a meal with your staff and colleagues. Enjoy your time together and pat each other on the back for a job well done this year!


Joe Knows Lunch offers a special rate for events done early in December. Book early to reserve your catering event and $AVE!

Call (954) 977-5454 or book online at

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